We won't win the fight with aging , but we will die trying!


 B-SELFIE Painless and effective   anti-wrinkle  filler

B-Selfies beauty filler a simple and fast solution that allows you to cancel the unsightly wrinkles  in just two hours.  B-SELFIE fills the wrinkle depression, giving you a young and rested look. It is the innovative do-it-yourself anti-wrinkle filler: a revolutionary anti-aging solution able to eliminate periocular wrinkles and expression and make the skin smooth  in just two hours. B-SELFIE fillers base their action on crystallized micro-needles  of hyaluronic acid and growth factor (EGF).  They are able to penetrate painlessly superficial skin layer.  By dissolving, the micro-needles releasing  the active ingredient in-depth, guaranteeing you an effectiveness never seen before.

  • THE SELF BEAUTY FILLER FOR YOUR EYEZONE. Fill your eyezone wrinkles and crow’s feet in only two hours thanks to its revolutionary microneedles made with hyaluronic acid and epidermal growth factor (EGF). BUY NOW
  • THE FIRST SELF BEAUTY FILLER FOR NASO-LABIAL FOLDS. It reduces the visible fold between the nose and the labial margin, removing any embarassment quickly and giving you the pleasure of an ageless smile easily and painlessly. BUY NOW
  • FILLS THE WRINKLES IN ONLY TWO HOURS! A quick and simple solution that allows you to remove the so-called smoker lines, for a youthful smile. BUY NOW
  • PLUMPER LIPS FOR A SEDUCING SMILE Give new volume to your vermillion, lifting the Cupid’s bow and giving structure and plumpness to your mouth. BUY NOW