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Cold Laser

Relieve Pain and Provide Functional Restoration

The Biological and Physiological Effects Of CureWave Laser system

We Reduce Pain

Our Cold Laser Is the ideal combination to benefit patients with a much Stronger, Deeper, Broder and more Consistent level of laser stimulus than any other non-invasive laser on the market today.

Rapid pain relief
By causing the body’s natural pain killer endorphins and reducing reliance and/or pain medications.

Stimulates cell growth
It is stimulating cellular reproduction and growth due to mitochondrial activity.

Increased Vascular Activity By inducing temporary vasodilation, blood flow, and oxygen to damaged tissue areas.

Anti-Inflammatory Actions
It reduces swelling by bruising or inflammation of joints and provides enhanced muscle recovery and improved joint mobility.

Increased Metabolic Activity:
Cold laser increases the higher output of enzymes and much greater oxygen loads for these stimulated cells. An increased ATP production by the mitochondria allows the cell to heal and repair itself faster. The cell uses this newfound energy for a variety of vital biologic processes.

Enhanced Nerve Function:
Laser speeds up the process of nerve healing and the ability to help repair the nerve damage. Neurotransmission is facilitated due to increased levels of acetylcholine and serotonin.

Quicker Wound Healing
Cold Laser stimulates fibroblast development and accelerates collagen synthesis in damaged tissue.

Reduces Scar Tissue
The formation of scars after tissue damage, cut, burns, post-surgery, strains, or sprains is significantly reduced. The laser can also be used on older scars to help damaged cells form a more natural growth pattern and soften the damaged tissue areas.

Enhances the Rehabilitation Process
Cold laser is particularly effective as a tool in early and ongoing rehabilitation stages from both injury or surgery by providing light energy to the damaged cell needing vital stimulation.

Fights Infection
It appears antiviral, antifungal, and antiherpetic, especially with the treatment of areas that previously required topical medication/bandages during the recovery process.

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