Skin Lesion Removal

Skin Lesion Removal faster than the speed of light. With more precision than a scalpel, our team has arrived to permanently rid the world of unwanted hair, once and for all. We had to. The laser called for backup.

Yes, you remembered correctly. We are indeed the best at permanent hair removal. If you have any experience with us, then you are already familiar with our ninja-like electrolysis skills.

But we have something to tell you. We have more to offer. We are not diminishing the excellent hair removal service we provide. Still, we wouldn’t be doing you and the world’s legions of lesions justice if we didn’t also brag, we mean, inform you of our other superpower. If you are upset because we won over your follicles and now we are switching things upon you, don’t be. So, what is this superpower? you ask…dun dun dun…

Electrolysis Strikes Again

Our expertly trained power team of electrologists can remove cherry angiomas, dissolve skin telangiectasia, and even remove skin tags! (we will explain what these are in a minute) Gasp! Wait, you thought dermatologists and their fancy medical tools had this covered. Most people believe that. It’s understandable. That is why we are here, once again, educating you about your options to give you every chance to make an educated decision.

Side Note: The term skin lesions can make some people wary. So, I will explain. A skin lesion is a general term that umbrellas any abnormal skin growth that does not appear the same as the skin around it. Some of these lesions can be a result of a deeper medical condition. We always recommend seeking a medical diagnosis for any abnormal skin growth you find on your body. Please visit our policy page for more information.

Skin Treatments We Offer

Skin Telangiectasia Removal
Cherry Angioma Removal
Keratosis Removal

Skin Lesion Removal

What Are These Skin Lesions?

Skin Telangiectasia is a fancy term for broken capillaries or spider veins. Often found on the nose or thigh area, skin telangiectasia can be found anywhere on the body and are harmless.

Cherry Angioma is a fancy term for a mole with a red appearance due to a group of broken capillaries at the skin’s surface. It may or may not be raised.

Keratosis is a fancy word for the inherent structural protein of the skin. This protein can overgrow, sometimes for unknown reasons causing wart-like growths or cause build up in the follicle causing other conditions such as keratosis Polaris.

*harmless skin lesions can be a side effect of a larger factor such as improper facial extractions, skin trauma, medication, or a medical condition.

3 Reasons to Choose Electrolysis over Laser or a Dermatologist

  • Electrolysis is more precise than lasers.
  • Electrologists focus more on visual results than most Medical Doctors.
  • Electrolysis can be less expensive than lasers or medical procedures.
    Electrolysis is more controlled and more streamlined than lasers. Whichever type of laser is used, lasers use some form of light. Light spreads, so there is always more chance to affect more skin than is necessary. We always treat the minimum of what is needed to achieve maximum results.

Electrologists, more than medical doctors, tend to focus more on achieving the highest vision of your visual aesthetic. We know there are exceptions to everything. If you find a dermatologist who specializes in this aspect, then we say go for it. But this brings us to our third point.

Going the medical route for relatively small procedures can be significantly more expensive than using our method. Our team does not view your skin lesions as small concerns simply because they are treated in the context of nonmedical aesthetic procedures. However, within the medical community, the doctors who are skilled enough to achieve the meticulous results you want may also be more preoccupied with larger procedures that bring in more money. We are not putting them down. This is very logical, and this is why we exist.

*if we are making anyone in the medical community upset by saying this, then we apologize, but we also sincerely applaud you because this means you are an exception. Thank you for your service.

We know it takes a lot of effort to research who to go to and what method to use for your skin concerns. Your skin, after all, is a vulnerable organ which you use to face the world. We respect all the work you put in, including reading this article! You are superheroes too!

If you have further questions, then please visit our FAQ page or call us if you prefer human contact. Whether you seek skin telangiectasia removal, cherry angioma removal, or keratosis removal, we are here for you and look forward to meeting you.

Skin Lesion Removal