Meet Hydra-Dermabrasion

Hydration and Exfoliation had a baby, and we made a facial out of it (he, she, they?). We named them Hydra-Dermabrasion. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.

Harnessing the power of water (except, in this case, a cleansing-hydrating serum) is newer in the context of modern skincare, but nature did it first. Water alone is the magical unicorn of the earth as it is, but when a force (an appropriate one) and suction are applied, my dears, we create a unicorn of a different color.

When people hear the word ‘Hydro,” they usually think of hydration, not exfoliation. So how are we using hydro to exfoliate the skin, and why would we bother? Let’s dive in and explore the rough waters of this topic. Get it? Dive? Rough? Ahem. Moving on.

Who Is This For?

This treatment is ideal for most people but especially perfect for anyone looking for a facial that makes their skin glow before a special occasion or event.

What Does Hydra-Dermabrasion Do and How?

Hydra-dermabrasion uses a customized, controlled force to deliver hydrating and cleansing ingredients deep into the skin. This process creates a physical exfoliation, which means it mechanically loosens dead skin and clogged pores. Simultaneous suction removes the dead skin and loosened debris from the pores.

Benefits and Results

  • Tighter pores
  • Glowing skin!
  • Optimized hydration
  • No need for extractions
  • Saves time by performing many functions at once
  • Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Tighter and smaller appearing pores are due to suction. Glow is from hydration but also from stimulating circulation.

Optimized hydration is achieved because hydration is best received by the deeper delivery of hydration combined with the fact that the skin absorbs hydration best when it’s cleanest and after exfoliation.

Extractions are not necessary because of a deep cleanse that supersedes the need for manual extractions. Additionally, clogged pores are more easily unclogged by hydrating the pore first.

The reduced appearance of fine lines and wrinkles is due to the exfoliation smoothing the skin’s texture, suction creating circulation which brings blood to the skin’s surface and literally “puffing up” the skin.

Our Skills, Tools, and Power

We use a powerful, high-quality, groovy, looky machine. It may appear that all we do is press its buttons, wave a magical fairy wand across our face, and then the secret Christmas elves do all the work. This is not true.

Power in the wrong hands is harmful. A licensed technician must perform all skin treatments not by Santa’s elves, especially not by an almost technician-elf named buddy.

Getting professional treatments from a non-professional would be like reading a book with a page missing, except worse. A ginormous, candy cane forest amount of all professional treatments are about context, nuance, and so much more that would take more than a children’s book to explain.

We respect our skills, tools, and power, and we use them wisely. Come in and meet our facial-baby, hydra-dermabrasion. They look forward to meeting you.